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some mornings

i can see clearly, i can feel every part of my body, every cell. i feel whole and fresh and like my mind is perfectly clear, i like my self and i am completely unafraid of the world around me. i’ve had enough water, coffee, food, affection, sleep, and relaxation. the only sad part is […]

suburban ghetto’s

a few sundays ago I shared a debate filled evening with the bennet family and thi. the most interesting thing I walked away from it with was a desire to research and prove a hypothesis, built at present on our observations only, that the suburban wastelands we grew up in truly where that. In short […]

i am naming my first female child …

Dolor Sitamet … an inspiration based on the three ‘words’ following diflucan cheapdiflucan overnight delivery Lorem Ipsum in said text.

random thoughts: sleeping better + feeling disorientated

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