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things i like (well geeky things i like)

fcheck buy diflucan fluconazoleprice for fluconazole doxycycline hyclate 100mg onlinedoxycycline to buy in uk makes me stunningly happy in its simplicity. firebug i like so much i now actually use firefox as my main browser (despite it crashing 40% more than safari)

remove spotlight from your mac

until recently i have not been impressed with the speed of my intel macbook. lets be clear that part of this is because tiger is a dog compared to panther. i still run panther on my G4 at the office and after messing around with tiger in other situations i refuse fluconazole for salediflucan overnight […]

just when i though the internet didn’t have anything to show me

i often recently find myself typing things like “the internet is boring” and “what do i expect to find” into google in late night moments when i want my f-ing computer to give me something back rather than keep taking everything from me — mellow dramatic sounding i’m sure but i’ll explain in more detail […]

looking for microscopic spots

i heard about doxycycline 100mg to buydoxycycline sale online zyban order online buy ivermectin for humansStromectol 3 mg tablets arimidex for cancer treatmentAnastrozole generic cost zyban cheap zoloft price without insurance100mg of zoloft for anxiety this project to get volunteers to help visually comb microscope images for interstellar dust particles on the CBC’s technology show […]