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summer adventures and work hard play hard

If you ask me how I’ve been, what I’ve been up to these days you will get a variation on “tired but happy”. Work is exhausting, we’ve gone from being nearly 9 people at the turn of this year to being about 5 people as of two weeks ago. A blend of economic necessity and […]

just when i though the internet didn’t have anything to show me

i often recently find myself typing things like “the internet is boring” and “what do i expect to find” into google in late night moments when i want my f-ing computer to give me something back rather than keep taking everything from me — mellow dramatic sounding i’m sure but i’ll explain in more detail […]

looking for microscopic spots

i heard about doxycycline 100mg to buydoxycycline sale online zyban order online buy ivermectin for humansStromectol 3 mg tablets arimidex for cancer treatmentAnastrozole generic cost zyban cheap zoloft price without insurance100mg of zoloft for anxiety this project to get volunteers to help visually comb microscope images for interstellar dust particles on the CBC’s technology show […]

apache mod_ssl config for wildcard cert

I’m tossing this old post out finally in case anyone finds it useful. It assumes you know a lot about dns, ssl and apache and is intended to help experienced users get a special configuration up and running. Why wildcard SSL where to buy arimidexAnastrozole generic cost So a wildcard cert, for those who don’t […]