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back in black

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when the sun shines go out in to it

Walking to work this morning in the crisp shiny february sunshine i could feel how much we all needed it. i passed a woman, sitting outside the chinese cultural center on the steps, her eyes closed, her head tipped back, the sun on her face. she had the right idea. we are due for a […]

san fran -or- what I get for bitching

so I whined alot about having to come to SF. Whining about having to to go fun and exciting places makes other people think you suck :) I mostly whined about having to deal with entering the US, I’m tired of having to feel like someone can take away my ability to travel at a […]

snow and paint fumes

It snowed! its still snowing. keep in mind that this is vancouver, snow is a rare and strange occurrence that basically results in the whole town just running at half speed. I woke up a little early thursday morning to go to meg’s only to discover that there was a fresh blanket of snow all […]