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infinite cat project

Yeah that’s right I’m gonna review a cat website. I might just do it often too. It seems to me that cats are on the internet, more so than dogs or fish or donkeys. Perhaps this is because computer people are cat people (dogs need to go outside for starters) or perhaps just because I’m […]

Free World Dialup — get it while it’s still free.

I think it is a given that the more your software is dependent on hardware, the more possibilities it has to suck. That being said, if your computer can say yes to sound output and input (speakers and a mic) may I recommend a new toy or possibly even something you might find useful… Meet […]

it’s a cats life (or working from home is great)

OK. I love it. xenical salexenical sale diflucan retail price cost of doxycycline for malaria buy zyban canada zyban order online doxycycline online prescription cost of diflucan 150 mg Every morning I roll out of bed, put the coffee on and login to work. Well most mornings I get the coffee in my hand before […]

meet my mutant squash

last fall, a few monthes after I moved into my present home, I invited my upstairs neighbours down for an early winter feast. Lots of potatoes, yams, squash and smoked tofu. I called my roomate at the time the night of the dinner and asked her to just slice the squash in half, pull out […]