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on vacation

One whole week. No computers, except teaching my dad how to use his 8 year old flight simulator program and failing to debug his girlfriend’s email encoding problem. Beyond that I slept, read, walked, helped build a cabin, played ball to the ecstatic joy of a border collie named pip and helped tear up some […]

Mutant Squash @ a Labour Day Feast

So on Monday we sacrificed the first of my two mutant squash, the smaller butternut shaped one. A few friends joined me for a little Labour Day feast and I cooked my standard seasonal fall menu, risotto and smoked tofu, with salad and roasted squash, but in place of the usual butternut squash we had […]

New Office

Ah, our new office! We’re in! There would be pictures on xenical online ohne rezeptxenical online nz anastrozole onlineAnastrozole generic cost lattice’s blog cost of doxycycline for malaria prednisone generic cost Prednisone natural alternative purchase doxycycline monohydrate diflucan one cost cost of zyban without insurance online zyban stromectol buy cheapStromectol 3 mg tablets generic of […]