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french roast or death!

On saturday night lattice prednisolone online uk Prednisone natural alternative , delire xenical cost ukxenical roche buy online and I made our first attempts at coffee roasting. My failure to bring my grinder and pot made it an extra home grown experience as lattice had to grind the coffee with a mortar and pestel. We […]

damn them (more on blog spam)

bastards! we’ll it took three days and either I am being attacked by a person (which I doubt but you never know) or they have retrained the bot. I didn’t expect this to last long, it would be a simple enough hack to code around because the correct number was just held in a hidden […]

A 30 second blog spam hack

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Making Coffe in a Popcorn Popper

Oh and one more fun things I’m gonna have to try soon and probly the most useful thing I learned at CATS this weekend. Micah did a not so successful demonstration of how to roast your own coffee. It wasn’t that successful only because he had to do it in a cast iron pan which […]