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going outside at night

I’m very excited at the fact that soon we will get to come home from work in daylight, eat dinner outside on the porch and sit out there reading until the sun goes down … From a recent wander to the park: doxycycline for sale usadoxycycline 20 mg generic fluconazole generic equivalentdiflucan fluconazole buy online […]

little servers

I’ve been lending a helping hand or just an ear to some folks setting up little debian boxes on home adsl connections recently. It’s been a long while since I did a debian install from scratch, it’s amazing how much you can forget in just a year. Watching these little boxes grow has been nice […]

I got inspired to upgrade …

fluconazole cheapbuy fluconazole 50mg but I’m not so inspired about rebuilding all my themes (bleck, guess I should have done a little more thinking before hitting the bug red button)

giving myself something

strangest side effect of not smoking, I realize now how much I used to use smoking to channel away my desires; how much I used it as a response to the desires I couldn’t immediately satisfy. price for doxycycline order zyban buy zyban cheap buy doxycycline 50 mg diflucan one costdiflucan where can i buy […]