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Turn to and walk forward, toward it, with the one sweet simple romance of illusion. The rhythm of hope, a city; not quite buried in human morass, not quite lost to the crows. diflucan price without insurancediflucan 150 mg cost

suburban ghetto’s

a few sundays ago I shared a debate filled evening with the bennet family and thi. the most interesting thing I walked away from it with was a desire to research and prove a hypothesis, built at present on our observations only, that the suburban wastelands we grew up in truly where that. In short […]

1200+ comments

this is formost an apology and thank you to those people who have honored me with comments on my blog — looks like i turned off the ‘send me an email when someone comment ‘ feature. so not only did i just notice i had 1200+ spam messages waiting for me, i was surprise to […]

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