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another peaceful day at the office

if you really love me you will generic doxycycline at walmartorder doxycycline online uk listen to this rather large file of the never ending jack hammering outside my office building can you purchase diflucan over the counterdiflucan cost with insurance today and feel sorry for me. I’ve got the head phones cranked and i can […]

some book reviews

over christmas i decided i needed to give some thought to finding some new science fiction. I’m a huge fan of very particular forms and blends of spec fic, politically charged, near future, cyber/punk, post apocalyptic reading. it really had it’s hay-day for me with william gibson and neil stephenson driving that force through the […]

omg! my next laptop is this

i had big plans to retire my poor old g3 500 in the next year. but if there is a chance in hell this will be my next laptop ( i hear rumors this is possible as the technology is rumored to be used in the upcoming ipod video machine ) then I will wait! […]

happy international women’s day (and my one year no smoking)

today is my one year anniversary of not smoking. the date is kinda arbitrary, i picked it because it is also international women’s day. i quit smoking around this time but the whole process was so crazy that i can’t really be sure. congratulations to me. don’t i look happy :) buy diflucan for yeast […]