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a little piece of computer history

oh my. I came home today to a gift from my dad sitting waiting for me. I had forgotten he had mentioned it and i wonder if I had known what it was if not for the note. check it out – as far as i can tell this is a hard drive platter from […]

4 gigs

a week or so ago we put 2 gigs more of ram into the newest resist server ash . that means ash has 4 well needed gigs (she’s a vserver box, all those servers eat the ram like crazy). it also means that this computer now has more gigs in ram than the hard dive […]

time, it’s what makes kittens into cats

i think i need a vacation. I took a week in the end of May, that was too long ago. I’ve got a pretty bad case of tech support burn out, my hands are good (special thanks to my new keyboard zyban generic name order zyban buy orlistat 120mg onlineorlistat xenical price philippines buy diflucan […]