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made me think of

theabysmal‘s tree growing tendency diflucan online canadabuy diflucan 200 mg order doxycycline canadadoxycycline hyclate price

office pet? what is it safe to feed a seagull?

how much does generic diflucan costwhere to buy diflucan online doxycycline monohydrate 100mg costbuy doxycycline for rats zyban sales buy zyban tablets this little guy showed up outside my window this afternoon. I’ve heard tale of them coming around the building looking for hand outs. I’m a bad ecologist cause I gave him some spagetti. […]

snow in vancouver

i may not be impressed with my camera’s ability to take candid flash photos but I’ve been having a blast with the digital low light effects. some of these turned out amazing fluconazole cheapcan you buy diflucan at walmart cost of zyban zyban sale doxycycline overnight shippingcost of doxycycline at walmart

off to take pics of the snow I think

the trip to oregon was slow, very very slow. which is what i expect of my trips to oregon, but i have to say this one was really not newsworthy in a blogging sorta way. those who know me well will get more personal details in real life but here in the blogosphere lets just […]