so you want to go see a movie in vancouver?

this weekend we went to the RIO theatre on Broadway cost of xenicalxenical price comparison . i’d say we went to see the crappy movie that was playing but really we went to see the theatre. see the RIO is new and has some amazing special features. it has a curtain that they use to cover the screen while you hangout and play 20 questions and natter waiting for the film to start. price of zyban online zyban THERE ARE NO ADS! and this isn’t an accident it’s a choice. doxycycline acne buydoxycycline shortage price fluconazole price walgreens cheap prednisone 10mg Prednisone natural alternative diflucan costo generic ivermectin for dogsStromectol 3 mg tablets no slide ads before the lights go down and no ads before the movie. The amazingly cute dude who just renovated and reopened this single screen theatre did so with the intention of responding to what everyone told him they didn’t like about going to the movies; the cost and the advertising. (while he talks about the idea and how this all evolved I have visions of him pitching this to his wife three years ago, telling her that if you give people what they want they will come. telling her about the 2 million dollars he was gonna need to borrow to buy and renovate the theatre :) )

The prices? 8 dollars for adults with some cheaper prices for matinee’s and kids. He’s really excited that this might be a place where families can actually afford to take kids for a movie again. the concession, which for those who don’t know is the only way these places make money since almost all the door charge goes to cover the movie costs, wasn’t cheap but it was reasonable and had good stuff, like trailmix and rice crackers. they even gave one of the folks with me water from a tap for free! it’s still pricey but nothing compared to the cost of a big theatre

they also have a real projectionist. his name appears to be chris and if you are really interested in this kinda stuff, come really early and ask really nice he may take you on a quick tour of the projection room. A huge portion of the cost of renovating went to getting up to date sound and projection equipment, and it sounds pretty good but was perhaps turned up a might to loud (we were sitting right in path of the center channel so we got the blast of it). Being to loud kinda overwhelms the cool effects that the system is best known for. They also have a real person who comes out and does the introductions and reminds you to turn of your cell phones (though really i always feel sorry for these guys, it’s like being the local opening band for the big rockstars everyone came to see). I’ll give him credit though he was funny in a wry kind of way.

so needless to say we love the place! we arrived really early and wandered around saying wow! and look at that and did you notice for so long that the owner had approached us to ask how we found out about the place and what made us want to come. he was so god awful ernest that we all agreed we want to make him a millionaire :) if they make some money the projectionist won’t have to take your tickets at the door anymore!

so go check it k? be sure to show up early so that you can get good seats and watch the curtain open. It’s on broadway just west of commercial drive so you can skytrain there from anywhere. You can’t miss it’s beautiful new sign!

ps – the owner has also been making public statements in the press generic for zoloft side effects buy cheap generic arimidexAnastrozole generic cost 100mg of zoloft for anxiety that the theatre will not be using the training wage, instead starting everyone who works there at 9$ an hour.

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