the big w

my poor abandoned blog.

lots has happened, most of it not news worthy or too personal for this wide a broadcast. the big news — I’m moving. after much agonizing about wether it is the right thing to do, it is done. I had big plans to spend the next few monthes looking for a co-op but I got discouraged by the news that getting into a co-op was more like a 6 month to 1 year mission and got a good offer of a new place to live with some folks i know so i took it. I’m mentally configured to be much happier with fixed realities rather than unknown and uncontrollable possibilities. I feel better knowing that this is what my future holds, but it doesn’t quite wipe out the reality of how sad i am to go from my present home. folks who know me or read this blog since day one will know how happy my present home has made me over the last year or so. perhaps it’s the fact that i quit smoking living there, which was this huge thing and the intricacies of my bonding with my roommates but i feel a little like I’m cutting loose from a point of strength. But it’s gotta happen for me own good and i know i’ll be ok in the long run, it’s just the little girl fear inside me that is worried, the one my mom always said didn’t like change :)

the big w

the last few weeks in the office has been a little tiresome, the good weather means not really wanting to go to work and when i get here’s hot an dusty and stuffy because they are busy busting up the woodwards building across from me. they took down the big w which has been my marker in the sky for all the time I’ve been in this building. I love that silly w, especially when it’s all lit up in the winter evenings, when the sun goes down 3 hours before I get to go home. If i remember the plans the w is staying somewhere but i think they may be taking it down till they finish building out the yuppy hell that is to be the new woodwards development.


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  1. 1
    Steph Says:

    Ah, the W. Did you see my pictures? It’s so strange to look up and have it be gone from the sky.

  2. 2
    firetrap Says:

    wow, those pictures are intense. It’s amazing also how much more the building still looks whole from your side. on this side they are tearing the guts out as fast as they can and it looks like a lumbering hulk about to be demolished. I have this picture of the bigw from back when we had all that fog last year.

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