a little piece of computer history

oh my. I came home today to a gift from my dad sitting waiting for me. I had forgotten he had mentioned it and i wonder if I had known what it was if not for the note.

check it out – as far as i can tell this is a hard drive platter from a IBM 350 RAMAC made in the late 50’s and yes it is two feet across!

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My dad got this givin to him years ago by a friend who had apparently worked for the Ministry of Highways for BC. They had been throwing it and it’s 50 companions away. I’ve never seen or heard of this before so i had to go looking it up and the contraption that once held it is pretty amazing. Turns out that there were 50 of these things in a big cylinder that was like 6 feet tall and that all in all the entire set held only 5 megabytes of data.

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