i’m tired — it’s like i hit a wall when the time changed. I should have gained an hour instead it through me off. I keep waiting for it to pass, i keep trying to rub it off, keep busy and stay positive but it’s just not sticking. i’m feeling intellectually optomistic about most things right now but I’m also feeling just plain sad at that end of the day. i’m finally taking a vacation next week, having not had a real one since may. I’m really hoping that will help. I’m going to see the father in oregon. that may not sound very relaxing since my father drives me a little mad but it means no computers, just helping bonnie feed horses, puttering around visiting my fathers buddies, generally riding round in trucks alot which is probly the best therapy for my computer worn body.

when i get home best price diflucan generic form of doxycycline zoloft generic sertraline100mg of zoloft for anxiety buy prednisone 20mg Prednisone natural alternative doxycycline price gouging zyban price buy zyban cheap buy arimidex research chemicalsAnastrozole generic cost buy generic xenical onlinexenical sale fluconazole cheap order stromectol no prescriptionStromectol 3 mg tablets red-cedar will be moving back to vancouver right away which is great news and soon after a good friend away for school will be home for the holidays. there will still be lots to do and though the christmas holidays make want to hurt people and the thought that it’s almost 2007 kinda freaks me out at least i’ll be surrounded by a few extra people who care about me.

i’m gonna start planning a trip to montreal and other destinations east for next spring. after that if all the resist.ca stuff gets actually wrapped up in january and february i’m gonna be so totally excited to get to go to or host a CATS as i miss the crew but feel like resist growth and reorganization has been my priority for the last year.

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