off to take pics of the snow I think

the trip to oregon was slow, very very slow. which is what i expect of my trips to oregon, but i have to say this one was really not newsworthy in a blogging sorta way. those who know me well will get more personal details in real life but here in the blogosphere lets just say it was exactly what my trips to oregon should be, a chance to unplug from the internet and the urban life thing and go spend time in a way you only can in rural america. this includes wandering across the big nothing that is the real outback of oregon, being in a place where having 6 horses 3 dogs and 3 cats and a lama seems like a relatively small number of animals, and an afternoon of target practice with guns that are pretty much useless for hitting anything bigger than a house if you are more than 15 feet from the target.

i’ll post pictures that might be of interest later regretfully none of them capture how beautiful the snow and sunshine in the desert is.

tonight I think I’m gonna suit up against the cold and go take some snaps of the hood wrapped in snow. cost of diflucan zyban online uk zyban online kaufen diflucan costo buy xenical diet pills onlinecheapest xenical 120mg zoloft generic form100mg of zoloft for anxiety buy stromectol online no prescriptionStromectol 3 mg tablets doxycycline monohydrate vs hyclate costdoxycycline price

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