the bad side effects of quiting smoking

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1) i don’t take enough breaks at work.

my wrist have suffered, my back has suffered and above all my productivity has suffered. Oddly enough taking smoke breaks motivated me to get up out of my chair and go the fuck outside every two+ hours. I usually took the breaks as part of a cycle of accomplishment (finish this and get to go for a smoke) so i often broke my task down into smaller chunks and worked harder for short periods of time. I felt more productive and think honestly that the breaks did make me more clear headed and productive.

2) i read less

i always had book on the go for stepping out onto the porch, cat in my lap to have a smoke. once i started reading i often didn’t stop, staying out for a few smokes or cuddling up to continue to read when I got inside. add that to the fact that with my reduced insomnia since quitting smoking (i fall asleep fast and with less hassle than every i can remember) i don’t lie up reading for as long before falling asleep so i find i am less engrossed in a book and read only small chunks of it. I feel strange lying around reading a book for a few hours in the day which was one of my favorite ways to spend a lazy sunday afternoon until I quit, because i feel as though I aught to be doing something

3) i spend more money!

people always go off about how much money smoking costs! well so far not smoking has been hella more expensive. i feel less like i can just hang around my house and more like i need something to do. what i like to do is spend time with folks eating and drinking and generally shooting the shit, so i eat out more. I put on yet more weight when I quit smoking not to mention the added general body image stuff from not being able to channel that into cigarettes. and so i’ve found myself buying more clothes and shopping more as just something to do. I’ve replaced the giving myself a treat affect that smoking can have, where you reward yourself with cigarettes, with other more expensive rewards. To try to force myself to leave my office on breaks i’ve been struggling with the fact that though it’s expensive to eat out i need the breaks and most of all the human interaction so i find myself in coffee shops and eateries even on the days i bring lunch.

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