looking for microscopic spots

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“scientists estimate that Stardust collected only around 45 interstellar dust particles. They are tiny—only about a micron (a millionth of a meter) in size! These miniscule particles are embedded in an aerogel collector 1,000 square centimeters in size. … To find the elusive particles we are using an automated scanning microscope to automatically collect images of the entire Stardust interstellar collector at the Curatorial Facility at Johnson Space Center in Houston. We call these stacks of images focus movies. All in all there will be nearly a million such focus movies.”

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I took their tutorial and registered to start hunting the images. the process is actually kinda interesting, how they do the simple training and how they have constructed the work to make sure you are paying attention by seeding the real “movies” with fakes to see how reliable you are at spotting the real thing. They expect to find so few that it your chances of finding one are really slim so it actually keeps you interested and challenged to have the fakes thrown in.

during the interview they also mentioned that they are working on a computer program to try to do the work automatically and are interested to see how the human search compares to the machine in the long run. I’m interested as well.

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