just when i though the internet didn’t have anything to show me

i often recently find myself typing things like “the internet is boring” and “what do i expect to find” into google in late night moments when i want my f-ing computer to give me something back rather than keep taking everything from me — mellow dramatic sounding i’m sure but i’ll explain in more detail some other time.

today i wandered a little and found something that made me say “oh wow, neto” for the first time in awhile. i went http://laughingmeme.org/ to http://backspace.com/notes/2007/01/24/x.html xenical prices irelandbuy xenical weight loss pills cheap doxycycline tablets price of zoloft100mg of zoloft for anxiety buy doxycycline 500mg zyban generic brand buy zyban cheap to http://inhabitat.com/2007/01/11/reverse-graffiti/ diflucan one priceprice for fluconazole and thought hey now there is something i have never seen before.

just when i was ready to through in the towel.

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