remove spotlight from your mac

until recently i have not been impressed with the speed of my intel macbook. lets be clear that part of this is because tiger is a dog compared to panther. i still run panther on my G4 at the office and after messing around with tiger in other situations i refuse fluconazole for salediflucan overnight delivery to upgrade. panther runs like butter. i had installed tiger on my G3 laptop and decided it didn’t do anything better than panther so what was the point of loosing that much ram to the OS. So when i bought the intel it came with tiger, no real choice but to run it.

Everyones been asking me what i think and i keep scrunching up my face and saying:

“i’m not so impressed. i get the pinwheel of death alot, i get intel like pauses when i switch between applications and weird ass run away processes a lot. I get strange lags while I type sometimes if a cpu is running hot. I ask a lot of it sometimes, particularly because i often am dealing with email downloads of over 8000 messages at a time. that seems to drive it mad. perhaps when the big applications i use, photoshop etc have been ported to properly i will see some improvement in performance but really it’s not any faster than my G4 even if it should.”

Well last week i did something i want to share with everyone in case you are seeing similar behavior. I killed spotlight. removed it completely using the instructions here:
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since then my machine’s performance has improved 400%, it no longer devotes an entire cpu to downloading and filtering my excessive mail, I never get the pinwheel of death when switching between applications and it’s been way more responsive when i’m typing. in general what sent me off to remove this ‘feature’ was that it was responsible for many of the run away processes i was seeing so those are also down.

so i say if your expensive new mac isn’t performing the way you like KILL SPOTLIGHT! you can always bring it back later if you don’t see an improvement.

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