home is where you keep your cats

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hello poor abandoned blog, don’t feel bad, it was nothing personal. well personal for me i guess, that everything I would have wanted to write here was too personal or too lame for the wires, too much to be put into badly spelled, grammatically incorrect sentences. but really there hasn’t been much to report except comings and goings and getting the car a new clutch. It’s been a long few monthes, mostly of travelling, always trying to remember where I am supposed to be next, what i need to organize before i leave. this last trip to SF i didn’t realize my car insurance was gonna run out while i was gone, i got a call on the second day in town and had to call bc and get my roommate to drive my car to my mum’s and park it in her drive way. (this i think must give her chills as, throughout my 20’s i seemed always to have a car rotting in her driveway, my datsun which i then moved to make room for my van.)

when i left for sf i told miss k. that i was hoping for a reset. that thing you get where you come back to your life refreshed and clear eyed from being outside it for awhile. when i got home i didn’t think it had happened, i felt mostly premenstrual. but i also can’t stop thinking about moving to sf for a little while. i can’t stop thinking about it and i can’t stop telling everyone i am thinking about it.

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