i think i am a lost cause

today at dinner me and red-cedar were chatting about how damn long we have known each other, today be the 10th anniversary of the APEC demonstrations here in Vancouver. we were also talking about how much our lives have changed since then.

one thing that came up for me is how much i feel a little trapped by the fact that i am a web developer for my job and basically run a small ISP in my spare time. that red-cedar said makes me pretty nerdy. she suggested perhaps getting a hobbie that doesn’t include computers.

so what do i do — go home and look up hobbies on the internet. this was actually funny cause it took me to this page on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_hobbies buy doxycycline from canadadoxycycline 100mg price walmart buy cheap zyban online zyban online uk diflucan buy xenical price philippines mercury drug stromectol online kopenStromectol 3 mg tablets xenical cost uk zoloft price walgreens100mg of zoloft for anxiety cheapest prednisone Prednisone natural alternative diflucan generic brand

this made me laugh — i haven’t found a new hobby but i found a cool page on wikipedia and some of the suggested hobbies are kinda funny.

wish me luck while i look for a new hobby on the internet. I think i will just have to take up a new martial art to be bad at ;) perhaps badminton? when the community center strike is over at least i can go take pottery again. there’s no computers in that (yet, just you wait till the 3d printer really is affordable.)

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