wow, so much but so hard to decide what to say

i’ve been meaning for days now to post something here; something to describe leaving vancouver, the chaos of moving, the gut wrench of saying goodbye to people. Something to describe the occasionally overwhelming reality of starting fresh so far from home.

How do you say goodbye to a whole city? You don’t, you just go in the end. I miss folks but the reality of being gone hasn’t actually sunk in, I still feel a lot like I am holiday. I spent the last month working my way through a long list of practical details, saying to myself over and over “i can’t wait till all of this stupid bureaucratic nonsense is done.” well, out of the frying pan and into the fryer as they say but the list is still smaller and I will work my way through it.

My new city, my new (ug) country? wow. I am excited but still clinging to the safety of my little world here, my friends, my office and the routine of work that goes with it. Everything is new beyond that, new streets, people, transit system and money.

but I moved here just in time for my new town to be honored with a mention in stuffwhitepeoplelike:
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The first night I arrived here I got way way way too drunk. don’t blame these rowdy sf’ers, they were all subdued by comparison. I think i just needed to shut down some of the chaos of the last few weeks still running in my mind. Since then I’ve couch surfed around, asking millions of questions, working and getting a little wee technical life in order. This week I got a cell phone and a bank account and moved into my new house sit situation. I’m the proud temporary momma of two furry cat friends, bug and tobey and have a place to stay now for a month. I want to start taking some pictures of this city as I feel like that might say more about my life here. I feel like all i do is wander around and try to absorb everything, but it’s too much, to many details. This city is big and my life in it is larger already than i am prepared for, I’m still a little freaked out but I sure can’t complain that I am bored :)

Despite it being a busy week for my co-workers and friends here everyone has been patient and indulgent and taking me on good little adventures. I do hope life slows down a little in the coming weeks though so that my need for attention with not seem like I am adding to everyones burden.

I leave you with mosa’s picture of me and my overloaded car the day I left.
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