the take

Thanks to harsfa’s invitation to accompany her, I got to see doxycycline price without insurancegeneric doxycycline at walmart xenical orderbuy generic xenical zoloft online pharmacy order stromectol onlineStromectol 3 mg tablets 100mg of zoloft for anxiety the take where can i buy diflucan pill zyban sale online zyban diflucan fluconazole buy online last night. It was the opening night in vancouver. Despite being near exhausted (damn sleeping problem) I managed to hold it together and actually stay awake.

It was worth it. Perhaps it would not have been as worth it if it had not been a free movie but all in all it was a nice film and I recommend it to anyone interested in workers struggles. It is a very simple film, nothing earth shatteringly new and not a by any means a scathing critic of capitalism, but instead a rather uplifting and optomistic look at what people can do when the realize they don’t need a boss. It was also refreshing, to me at least, that it is not a dogmatic movie and it doesn’t shy away from the reality of who the people involved in these struggles are; it neither demonizes their political shortcomings nor proposes that they are perfect.

Not stunning when viewed through the far left lense but probly a good film to take your mom to (and someone has to make films I can take my mom to :).

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