damn them (more on blog spam)

bastards! we’ll it took three days and either I am being attacked by a person (which I doubt but you never know) or they have retrained the bot. I didn’t expect this to last long, it would be a simple enough hack to code around because the correct number was just held in a hidden field that could be read by any bot, but I had thought a few weeks perhaps before it would start again and motivate me to work on version 2.0. … but a little snooping tells me that fluconazole purchasefluconazole generic equivalent xenical online australiacheap xenical online uk zyban cheap buy generic zyban online lattice may already be hacking on version 2.0 …. and that others have already written version 2 so perhaps this is a faster hack than I thought

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    firetrap Says:

    looks kinda like this image file would be pretty easy to read