at the top of the stairs :: places for thinking

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something about this space in particular feels like a mini-ley line for my home, dead center between all the rooms, facing a window into the ignored side of our house (the side with no unfogged windows) balancing out all the chaos of things that crowd around our other windows begging for light and attention. from there you can see almost every room in the house (what can I say we have a very small apartment). Mostly I get caught the mornings that I work and no one else does, the rare mornings when I wake up by myself and i sit there alone, caught a little in the vortex of quiet around the house, the sense of the rhythm of sleeping all around me.

funny there are a lot of days I spend the whole day alone in the office, there’s work to do but you’d think I’d catch a few minutes of thinking. I don’t seem to do it.

(please note: really this is just another fucking post about the weird side effects of not smoking. don’t worry I’m getting bored of it to. see when you smoke it gives you an excuse to go sit outside alone and generally do nothing while smoking, and well be rather thoughtful if you need to be. )

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