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what else can i do?

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I’m busy, I’m getting slowly stronger everyday and I’m enjoying it. endless thanks goes out to my mom for being my yoga buddy that first year we went – remember when we used to flop down out out of plank? :) Dance class well that I did alone cause man that is embarrassing but it’s getting slowly easier. Climbing goes to “the boys” of radicaldesigns for their patient work to get me to the damn climbing gym. Now i gotta just make it stick.

i’m busy and I’m happy and I work hard. i do think i might need to save up for that trip to the osteopath though, all this sporting stuff is really challenging my back in a few spots.

hello world. facebook made me miss my blog :) hanging out with ron and blaine recently made me miss resist …

lamely gonna miss makerfaire

ok so last year just before moved into my new home, my new roomie and I went on a little bonding adventure to Maker Faire — what the fuck is maker faire you may ask? Maker Faire is fucking cool that’s what it is buy orlistat bootsgeneric orlistat india , it’s fucking cool if you think robots and flaming sculptures made out of metal, and case mods and tesla coils and DIY electronics and open source and crafting are all amazing things. Basically if you think science can be fun you will be happy here. Oh and they have funnel cake and popcorn and candyfloss and stuff. It was the country fair for nerds and I was totally, totally happy to go and sad that we miss-judged the timing and didn’t get to see all the exhibits.

this year I’m gonna miss it! don’t get me wrong i’m going on a cool camping trip with some great folks which promises to be good fun, but, well i wanted to go for real this year and I wanted to force some folks (you know who you are! E. and G!) to come down and enjoy the damn thing with me. I planned the trip months ago and now can’t back out. I’m gonna try to get a posse together to hit the faire on our way back from camping, we have to leave the campsite by 2pm anyway so i figure we leave a little early we might be able to catch it and do some more work on my sunburn standing around outside watching shit get lit on fire.

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better, busy and happy

san francisco has been friendly, surprisingly friendly. the house hunt and general bureaucracy of moving go slow but I am not discouraged or particularly worried.

I’m enjoying the newness and weirdness of sf, where your nights can ranges from happy hour with coworkers, to dinner with the’ers followed by a cheap drag show and ends at late night house party with friends.

I like that people smile at me when I smile at them, moments like when the cashier at the grocery store gives me a conspiratorial wink and that san francisco is so fucking gay :)

i’m weirded out by the iphones, the huge disparity and shear range of difference between social classes (and of course the overt relationship to race). I love having office mates and am enjoying learning things and sending my breaks chatting with real live humans.

i like the wind and the warm sun almost every day. I hate parking but am learning to like how folks drive (like montreal’ers, fast and aware but more relaxed and less pushy). I like the bart and the view from buy xenical canadacost of xenical without insurance prednisone price at walmart Prednisone natural alternative bernal hill at night ivermectin onlineStromectol 3 mg tablets arimidex tablets side effectsAnastrozole generic cost zyban for sale zyban sales diflucan price walgreens doxycycline price ukdoxycycline monohydrate 100mg price zoloft 100mg price100mg of zoloft for anxiety diflucan one price , but find the buses crowded.

today i spent the afternoon at my new pottery studio which seems like a great place. I’ve discovered a capoeira class with 5$ dropin and think i might give it a try again since the classes seemed friendly to beginners. i’m slowly learning where to go for cheap food and about the magic of “happy hour” and late night liquor stores.

i don’t miss the city of vancouver at the moment but i continually find myself wishing everyone was here. i keep seeing things i think you would all love, being at events you would appreciate. i can’t wait to find a home so i can finally say “yes come!”

wow, so much but so hard to decide what to say

i’ve been meaning for days now to post something here; something to describe leaving vancouver, the chaos of moving, the gut wrench of saying goodbye to people. Something to describe the occasionally overwhelming reality of starting fresh so far from home.

How do you say goodbye to a whole city? You don’t, you just go in the end. I miss folks but the reality of being gone hasn’t actually sunk in, I still feel a lot like I am holiday. I spent the last month working my way through a long list of practical details, saying to myself over and over “i can’t wait till all of this stupid bureaucratic nonsense is done.” well, out of the frying pan and into the fryer as they say but the list is still smaller and I will work my way through it.

My new city, my new (ug) country? wow. I am excited but still clinging to the safety of my little world here, my friends, my office and the routine of work that goes with it. Everything is new beyond that, new streets, people, transit system and money.

but I moved here just in time for my new town to be honored with a mention in stuffwhitepeoplelike:
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The first night I arrived here I got way way way too drunk. don’t blame these rowdy sf’ers, they were all subdued by comparison. I think i just needed to shut down some of the chaos of the last few weeks still running in my mind. Since then I’ve couch surfed around, asking millions of questions, working and getting a little wee technical life in order. This week I got a cell phone and a bank account and moved into my new house sit situation. I’m the proud temporary momma of two furry cat friends, bug and tobey and have a place to stay now for a month. I want to start taking some pictures of this city as I feel like that might say more about my life here. I feel like all i do is wander around and try to absorb everything, but it’s too much, to many details. This city is big and my life in it is larger already than i am prepared for, I’m still a little freaked out but I sure can’t complain that I am bored :)

Despite it being a busy week for my co-workers and friends here everyone has been patient and indulgent and taking me on good little adventures. I do hope life slows down a little in the coming weeks though so that my need for attention with not seem like I am adding to everyones burden.

I leave you with mosa’s picture of me and my overloaded car the day I left.
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